From consistently improving quality of care to patients, new additions to our growing family, final Dreams fulfilled for our hospice patients through Dream Foundation, and a new brand identity, 2017 was a great year for Amedisys. 

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amedisys by the numbers

In 2017, Amedisys cared for more than 369,000 patients and clients, making more than 9.4 million visits across our home health, hospice and personal care divisions.

We also added 1,465 new team members to our nationwide family of clinicians, aides and support staff, which will allow us to care for even more patients and families in 2018. 

Amedisys by the Numbers


Clinical Distinction


Amedisys continued its upward trajectory in 2017 in raising the bar on excellent, clinically distinct care in the home.

Over 2017, Amedisys home health care centers’ average Star Rating rose from 3.91 Stars to 4.21 Stars, now 30 percent above the national average!

Additionally, 48 percent of our home health care centers made the HomeCare Elite top agency list, which recognizes the top 25 percent of home health agencies across the country. This includes 39 agencies in the Top 500 and one, our Washington, D.C. care center, on the Top 100 list.  

Equally impressive, in the latest Hospice Item Set (HIS) Preview report, which will be published on Hospice Compare in February, Amedisys hospice exceeds the CMS National Average on all 7 measures.

Clinician visits to patients at the end of life have been demonstrated to be associated with improved outcomes such as decreased risk of hospitalization, emergency room visits and hospital death; and higher satisfaction with care. In 2017, CMS added three new measures:

  • Hospice Visits When Death is Imminent:  At least one visit from RN/MD/NP or PA in the last three days of life: Amedisys 89.7%  SHP National: 87.5%
  • Hospice Visits When Death is Imminent: At least two visits in last seven days of life from LPN/SW/SCC or Hospice Aide:  Amedisys 75.5%  SHP National 72.1%
  • Comprehensive Assessment at Admission based on Admission Date (composite):  Amedisys 98.7%  SHP National 92.9%




Amedisys launched two new specialty programs in 2017 - the Heart Failure and COPD Programs, both interdisciplinary approaches designed to empower patients and their caregivers to better manage symptoms and improve their condition. 

The Heart Failure program, launched in February, involves patients learning the clinical value of weighing themselves regularly, monitoring for symptoms and documenting progress on a checklist that then promotes effective patient-doctor communications. The program is designed to lower hospital readmission rates, improve functional status and decrease shortness of breath - and, more broadly, to drive higher quality of life, lower costs and ensure longer lives. 

25,046 Amedisys patients participated in the heart failure program in 2017. 

The COPD Program, which launched over the summer, gives patients and caregivers COPD toolkits and individualized plans of care in conjunction with physician orders. The idea is for patients to learn to make critical lifestyle changes intended to help identify and treat symptoms at home, manage medication and therapiest which will in turn reduce exacerbations and decrease anxiety. 

10,450 patients participated in the COPD program in 2017. 

Clinical Programs



Fulfilling Final Dreams


In August 2016, the Amedisys Foundation partnered with Dream Foundation, the only national Dream-granting organization serving terminally ill adults and their families.

In 2017, Dream Foundation granted 97 final Dreams to our patients through generous gifts from our team members, offering inspiration, comfort and closure to patients and their families. 

Lasca, a hospice patient in Maine and a lifelong lover of horses, enjoyed a day back in the stables for the final time. 

Our partnership also granted 436 Special Needs Requests, covering expenses from small bills to funeral and cremation costs. 




In addition to its partnership with Dream Foundation, the Amedisys Foundation also supports Amedisys employees who have experienced loss as a result of federally declared disasters.

In 2017, the Amedisys Foundation gave $73,000 to employees in need to help rebuild their lives so they, in turn, can help our patients live theirs in dignity.

Giving Back to Our People



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In May, we launched a refreshed, more contemporary brand that better represents our company, our clinically distinctive care and our vision for the future with our patients and families, referral sources, communities and investors. 

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Amedisys also fully embraced social media in May as a means of connecting with our employees, patients and families, physicians and prospective partners by posting news, resources for patients and caregivers, blog posts and examples of our employees’ Amedisys spirit.

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Going Social



Our Growing Family


In 2017, the Amedisys family welcomed new companies in all three lines of business committed to our vision of clinically distinct healthcare in the home. 

Read more on each new addition to the Amedisys family. 

Home Staff, LLC Joins Associated Home Care - Closed February 1, 2017

Six Tenet Home Health and Hospice Agencies Join Amedisys - Closed May 1, 2017

Intercity Home Care Joins Associated Home Care - Closed October 1, 2017


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