Guide to Care Plan Oversight

Medicare reimburses physicians for qualified time spent overseeing the care of patients receiving home health or hospice services. 

Care Plan Oversight exists because CMS recognizes the importance of on-going physician engagement in patient care. And CPO can add up quickly: if you are providing CPO for ten home health patients a month, it adds up to $12,748 per year (based on 2012 national average).

Are You Eligible for CPO Reimbursement?

Have you performed the following services for your home health or hospice patients? 

  • Reviewed charts, reports, treatment plans, or lab and study results outside the initial patient review?
  • Communicated with other health care professionals involved with the patient’s care?
  • Had discussions with a pharmacist about a patient’s pharmacological needs?
  • Coordinated services that required your skills as a physician?

If you answered yes to any of these then you may have been providing CPO, and you may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement. 

Download our free guide, "Getting to Know CPO," to learn more. Once you know the particulars of CPO reimbursement, the extra bit of work can be worth quite a bit.